The Drop Band started as a group jam set up to play at the "Drop" music nights at the Loading Dock in Traverse City, MI. Ben Ruggles and DJ Nesta were sponsoring a once a month music party at Loading Dock featuring turntablists, MCs and assorted high weirdness. They started regularly jamming together and tried to get new members to join in, accepting nearly anyone with nearly any instrument. Many different musicians have played in impromptu jams and performances with the Drop band.

The sound ranges from straight ahead rock to jazz to trip hop to dub to a million other genres, sometimes in the same song. A constant give and take exists between turntables, live beats from drumsets and hand percussion, electronic noisemakers, bass, live guitar and many different types of vocals. While the band is usually seen backing up MCs in live flow sessions, they ocassionally are known to play their own sets as well at art events, house parties, and anywhere else that strikes their fancy.

There are only a few existing recordings, mostly on cassette tape from a recorder placed in the room. While there are no plans to record or any regular gigs in the works, one can never tell where the Drop Band may strike next. But show up on the last Tuesday of any month at the Loading Dock to find out what's happening now.

As of Mid-2007 Drop is no longer playing together. You can still catch Nesta at Loading Dock on the last Tuesday's and Ruggles and Kreature continue to wreak havoc in and about the Traverse City Area.


Members (people who have at one time or another joined in):

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