Morezzo is the name for the electronic project I've been working on and off at for several years now. Unfortunately, being electronic, many of my first attempts at work have been lost in the unholy temple of dev/null, never to return, after several crashes and finally theft of my electrons. But its all still upstairs (at least I think it is) and when I get the chance I'm going to start again at putting it back in. I intend to take the project in many directions, but the basic philosophy is to use the intricacies of minimal techno and the avant-garde noise movement and tie them to strong song-based writing. Obviously, Aphex Twin, The Knife, and Schneider TM are big influences, but I hope to have a pretty unique sound of my own when all is said and done. Well, I guess all is already said, so just when all is done.

Since I've been a bit stalled with finishing the wemew album, here is a track I've been working on in the mean time. Its still pretty rough. Its based (very) loosely on Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Alvaro Noboa, though not for any political reason, but more from the evocative nature of the language.

Banana Magnate

Some new tracks from the album I'm working on.

Waltz in C

deadly7 (excerpt)

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