25 mar 08 -- Welcome to the new (modestly redesigned) wemew homepage. The release of this new page coincides (roughly) with the release of our first album, "Different by the time we're done with it". More info on the album can be found in the music section. For now, suffice it say we're very pleased with the outcome, and especially to be done recording for a little while. Plans are underway for a record release party (or two) this summer, once Ish returns from sailing the high seas (or just the Puget Sound). As well, there will hopefully also be some shows coming around the same time. You can find the album by going to CD Baby, downloading it from digstation, or finding Ish, John, or Sid and asking for it. Finally, a big thanks to Sid for all his production and art work to get the album finished. The rest of the album acknowledgements can be found at the Extras page.




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