So much was stuffed into our first album package, we didn't have enough room for all the people we wanted to thank (which was a lot of people). So rather than leave anyone out, we've included those acknowledgements here on the website.

ish -- ma n da, everyone who told me I should record these things, and everyone who was kind enough not to call me a liar as I said I was working on it for the last 5 plus years, everyone who believed in me and everyone who didn't believe in me for the important lessons that came from both, all the people responsible for the wonderful and horrible shit that has happened that gave me material for lyrics, Stick for letting his Taylor come out to play, sid for under-appreciated mastery of the universe and not being too nasty when I got obsessive, Z and Moon for putting up with all this destroying their otherwise pleasant living room, Wyrembelski canoe trip for much needed performance notes, good jams, excellent times, and great macaroni salad; Pabst Blue Ribbon and Black Sabbath for obvious reasons, and John for being so awesome it hurts and putting up with me and appearing in my life right when I needed him and not disappearing once he learned what that meant.

john -- (in no particular order) Doniczka for love and patience; Mom and Dad for advice, support and encouragement; The Walugembes (K8, P2, and Levi) for inspiration, compassion, and honesty; Mark and Candace for open doors and open ears and for late night talks about nearly everything; Jenny for lively discussions, delirious protests, covert operations (shh...), concerts, hikes, and for being the only other person I know who's interested in hanging out in a bookstore for as long as I want to; Linda for babble, burble, banter, bicker-bicker-bicker, brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo, and other such talk; Deb for righteous anger and informed rants, Paul for irreverent wit and irrepressible optimism; The Lynches for musical inspiration, good conversation, and overall coolness; Cousin Steve for being a dedicated force for good in the world; The Carey and Fultz Grandparents for unconditional support and much-appreciated wisdom; The rest of my extended family for things too abundant to enumerate


Yes, I know there's nothing here. Soon, pictures will there be.



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