Q. Who the hell do you think you are?

A. I'm Ish and this is my website. Contained within is information on my music, my writing, my life and other assorted weirdness.

Q. Yeah, but who are you?

A. I'm a lot of things. For several years I was an engineer with Generous Motors, but that's what I used to be. I decided to quit and become a sailor and I'm about halfway done with my training, but that's who I'm going to be. Right now I'm a writer, musician, songwriter, blogger, and student, with varying degrees of success. I'm happy in that I'm not overhappy, striving for horizons and wholly unsatisfied but still content.

I'm a work in progress, but coming along nicely, at least to my taste. That's who I am.

Q. Ok, so why a website?

A. The website is where I put together the projects I'm working on. While I do most of these things because I enjoy them and feel driven to create, it's nice for other people to see and experience them as well. Maybe you'll like some of the what I do, maybe it will amuse you, maybe it will make you think or challenge you. Maybe it will just help you fill up 5 minutes on a slow day at work. All of these are acceptable uses.

I use the site to store news and information about my music and writing and other projects, my blog, and anything else that strikes me in the future. If you have any suggestions, praise, complaints, or requests, email me at ish(AT)ktismael.com but please be at least a little nice. I AM doing all this for free, you know.

Q. Do you get paid for any of this?

A. To some small degree I do make a little money writing and playing music, but it certainly isn't enough to live on or even to buy more than a sandwich. If you have something you need done and wish to pay me to do it, email me at ish@ktismael.com and we can discuss it.

Q. You have a blog? What's that about?

A. Mostly its an excuse for me to try different types of writing. I explore differing topics of interest to me (politics, but not the screaming kind; science and technology; sports; music, film, television, theatre, books news and review; travel; webjunk; annoying my friend Andy). It is not typically a personal journal in which I self-obsess about how lunch changed me as a person, though it has been more personal in the last year as I've gone through a lot of changes and this has been a convenient way to keep people informed where I'm at and what my progress is. Unfortunately, right now its a bit hard to keep up with, so I only update with the latest from the sphere of me every month, which is pitiful I know. But it is what it is, and I'm really not going to get too obsessive over a weblog with a readership of about 10. Not that I don't appreciate them, but I figure life will continue unabated either way.

In the future I see it as a good forum for articles on current events, book, film and music review, travel journal and updates on my creative projects.

Q. What's with the Wake UP section?

A. "Reasons to wake up in the morning" was a list of links showcasing the constant absurdity and grandeur of human existence that I started compiling around 1996. It's crashed several times, and is not very well maintained, but I leave it there cause it amuses me, and there's a minor chance it will amuse someone else. If I get to a place where I actually have daily web access I may attempt daily updates again, but without the web it's not really possible.

Q. What's up with the site design?

A. I have no idea actually. Web Design isn't my first love and really there are so many people out there that are brilliant at it, I'll hire one of them if I need something better than what I do. My first site (the one this is replacing) was created entirely with "notepad" and "mspaint", which earns me some low-fi tech street cred, but is rather limiting. This new site is created with Dreamweaver and the Adobe and Macromedia Suites as quickly as possible, with still quite a large reliance on mspaint for that quality low-fi look. All images backgrounds and textures are created by me with either mspaint or a digital camera and photoshop, again as quickly as possible with an eye on looking good enough to get by.

I'll keep working on improving the design, but I'm really much more concerned about content at this point (and I don't see that changing much). If I have a choice between recording a new album or making my website look super awesome, I'd rather record.

Q. Do I know you?

A. In the philosophical sense, its hard to really know anyone.

In the practical sense, I did go to high school in Saint Clair, MI, I did travel to Europe with a symphonic band in the early 90s, I did go to Michigan Technological University, and I did join the Troupe and co-found the Student Theatre Association while I was there. I did work for GM in the OnStar division, and I do go to the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Traverse City, MI. I did play music in some bands in Houghton, MI, and do play around Michigan in various projects. If none of that helps, then you probably don't, but feel free to send me an email ish(AT)ktismael.com if you're still confused.

Q. Can I ask you a personal question?

A. No.