Writing Page

Here are a few of the things I've written. This is hardly comprehensive, but contains some of my favorites.



Summerthing -- This is still the favorite thing I've ever written. I only wish it all went as easily as this did.

Chaz Asks Me To Define Love -- a ridiculous overly ambitious explosion of a poem. I don't care I like it anyway.



Calculus Chrysalis -- Weirdo pathological prose essay on poetry and science

Never Comfort: A Manifesto -- second pathological prose essay on life choices



Thunder only happens.. -- Short Play I wrote for the Student Theatre Association. Its a comedy about suicide.

Commitment -- Short Play I wrote for the STA.


I'm also working on screenplays and novels, but for fairly obvious reasons I won't be sharing those until they're finished. Of course, all rights are reserved in publication of these works. If you wish to republish them somewhere, you can contact me at ish@ktismael.com