“it’s a summer thing”
she said

swirling in purples,
dandelion yellows
daffodil dreams
she’s dancing doing the
smooth silent whatevers
that come and from
here to internship she’ll
be flying, or running,
through the hydrant
minding the neighborhood youth
swimming the
grim grappling,
dappling grey, like
the birds,
hurdling each other
and doing that sweet tweet-tweet
and so on
and wherever she goes
she’ll follow
about twenty minutes
behind, winding
around beaten paths
greeting with only a
casual wiggle of the
hand and a smile
while listening to the
beat, the heat
pouring out slowly
like sweet honey,
sunny, warming brown
skin and within
the sky sighs, aspires
and send smooth
movements through
the air

“it’s a summer thing”
she said

quickly licking sticky
sweet smellin
glistening on her whispering lips
twisting Mister Sir
with her finger
Mister Furtive
lurking working
and mercury flurries
of activities,
trees speeding by
as she sits
still in her vehicle,
weeks filled with pressing appointments
like “go to the car wash”
and “sit on the porch”
scorchers come
and some of the rains
tempt the sane
to dance

“its a summer thing”
she said

and all anyone could do
fun for you
and me
as she would stand
hand off her car keys
and far from these
the sun smears
up against her skin
fears drip off with sweat
as she strips off her shirt
and cutoff blue jeans
scenes of the water
as blue as John Lee
and she jumps over the rail
in a trail of bubbles
until she resurfaces
made new by the cold
and holds up her hands
as a victor, stands back
up on the ground
the sounds still
of laziness playing,
and the sun stays smoldering
the earth.

she says

it’s the days I’ll pass by
every minute is blessed
with a long singsong sigh
it’s time to undress

while the heat fills the air
sweaty skin will subside
I will loosen my care
And then move things inside

A big bright orange ball
for the kids to play with
the sun starts in its fall
to the lake with a kiss

and though it goes quickly, she will long for the spring
so that she can continue her sweet summerthing



KT Ismael All right reserved