Chaz asks me to define love


And it was only after a while
that I realized he was serious
and I knew I couldn’t do it
that I was bound to fail

But its only the impossible things
that are worth trying
so I tried


First Try (Bouncy-Fish Mind)

Love is the warm fuzzy knick-knack laugh
that driving
in the hazy wasteland of emotivation
derives the pride
of truth inside,
of longing and shorting
but never dies
just trades the sleigh, as bouncing
along on the irony runners
of calcium days and the great indivisual
you knit tea
as one becomes one
two becomes three

dance on
simple fishman
sing songs and caress
with rinky-dink shoulders
from Herman to Hesse
I laugh like my mother
and lie like a dog
but under the rattle-trap
fires of home
sit the rampaging flowers of ab
so lute pain
watch out for its dance of ass
id rain
say what is real
say what is true
say c’est la vie

ever since
one nine nine two
but let the world know
let the world hear

express, my dear,
the time drips like honey
and then


Second Try (Games)

she wasn’t home
and it was raining
she walked
to get to the other side, fool,
and so here it was
the time to fly
the time to learn
the time to
pick pockets for love
burn bridges for love
break hearts
break windows for love
lie cheat steal for love
wear out my welcome
and return it the next day
for love
why not?
who’s left to love for?
so I walk through the shower
and into the plumage
calling like a
sick twisted
(except for the yellow head)
and dancing
for the amusement of
for love
where did she go?
where was I when?
when she?
how could she?
it doesn’t matter
keep climbing
keep trying
keep dancing
dancing boy
laughing boy
make your jokes
make it funny
make her laugh
ha ha ha
jokes about typhoid
ho ho ho
jokes about sex
he he he
jokes about Hitler
wasn’t he a funny guy
of course dear,
make her laugh
yes, of course,
laughter, the best medicine
for resentment
and diptheria
just stay away from
strike up the band
May I have this dance?
Oh, I see, your diptheria
has come back.
Maybe some other time?



Third Try (Full Closets)

it was on my third birthday
that i knew
i couldn’t get rid of you
even if i tried
i guess i’m glad
i didn’t try,
out of curiousity.
although, there were times
i’m sure
you thought perhaps
i was trying.
trying i was,
but i didn’t try to be-
stay out of my closets!
but there you were
i had to let you in
you wouldn’t go away
you ruined the
joy of empty closets
and i love you for it

but now and then
i wonder
whether i might not
have been happier
in a closet

its not important
here we are
moons years candles
my cake doesn’t have
a clown on it
you didn’t get a
Barbie drawn on yours

where did we go?
(you and i
i mean)
one thing remains,
both of us,
in a closet now
suffocatingly full
and i still
love you for it
pulling me into a world
without doors
dragging me into
the sun
hitting me in the head
with a
purple jujube of awakening
when i only wanted to sleep
laughing with me
until joy became pain
crying with me
until pain became joyful
watching with me
the great thunder
the downpour cleansing
the candlestick glow
you were always
the little sister
i never wanted
and i loved you
i loved you for it.



Fourth Try (Fire)

If you asked me to,
I’d walk through fire,
but you never do.
I guess that’s why
we’re such
good friends


Fifth Try (Gadda Da Vida)

The night was young
and so were we
and so we sat up late
and talked of love
and hope
and dreams
and other things
of restless kids.

“But was it real?”
you say
“It doesn’t matter,”
say I, smiling,
real enough to us
as we would speak
our hearts would
tell our mouths
the truth.

The truth
cannot stand
on its own
its only from the waist up
it needs heart to join
its word and say
the things that
can’t be said.

Perhaps that’s youth
all heart no truth
but I prefer to differ
Its only heart
that makes things start
the truth will only wither

the drooping rose
the fading dusk
the falling throes of passion
its in young eyes
that these things lie
to suffocate inaction


only here,
and so
grab ahold,
love fiercely,
before the truth catches up
and strangles
a green snake
in the tall cool grass


Last Try (Failure/Blame Chuck)

Love walks through shadow
and can’t define,
I’ve tried, but why,
who asked you
well it’s chuck’s fault
and so I

catch the walla-walla
walk up the rampage
and cry away
who could keep out

its not partial
this isn’t your choice, sir
so sit down
and shut up
enjoy the ride
watch out for the
bump at the end
Extend your senses
lenses into the bar
bar barbera ann
like the beach boys
poise under pressure
measure under fire
it comes quickly
and climbs
lime, salt, and sunrise
wise is the wonderer
thunder for you and me

four letters
like any other
no symmetry
no ideogram
just four letters
no better
look out,
here it comes
we know you’re in there
smiling while
lighted streets keep
you safe

just you and me
under the baobab tree
waltzing broomhilda
till quarter past three

and maybe butterflies will climb into esophagi
and maybe hearts will run marathons
and maybe trite language is
more appropriate than any sonnet at
saying just how lost we all are

it’s not about
the munch munch munch
get out of my cupboard!
or the scary neverending
parade of new hair

it’s not about
pygmy marmossets
on Discovery all night
chinese food by the primate bars
boxes of rocks not talking sense

it’s not about
stereo, stereo
wherefore art thou
save me the green ones
I don’t like yellow
the disappearing tricks
of our musical guest

it’s not about
loofah loofah
just cause I like saying it
doesn’t mean I want any
Ba ba babaganouj
will school ya
you can pull me out of darkness
you can make the sun set slower
you can put the bomp
in the
bomp ba bomp ba bomp
you can bring me a new trick
or another old dog
or help me to put them together

there aren’t enough words
to say it, and so

the only thing

express, my dear
the time
drips like honey
and then